Getting Started with Zybo

Over the next couple of weeks I will post steps on how to get your Zybo ready to run Xenomai.  Here are the steps that are needed to get your Zybo ready to run Xenomai (or regular Linux).

  • Create a design in Vivado for Zybo
  • Create the First Stage Bootloader
  • Build u-boot
  • Create the boot image
  • Checkout and patch Xilinx Linux with Xenomai  (this stage got tricky)
  • Compile the Linux Kernel with Xenomai support
  • Compile the Xenomai user space support
  • Create a rootfs
  • Prepare the SDCard
  • Run the Xeno latency test

I probably forgot a step so that list might change.  It sounds like a lot but it’s pretty straight forward once you uncover some of the tricks.  I found that the hardware guide for Zybo is your friend when trying to figure out why things for the Zedboard won’t work right out of the box.  I will start the first post in a few minutes and hopefully have it up in a couple hours and I’m aiming to have all the steps done very soon.

Thanks to all who read this, leave comments or questions




Xenomai on Zybo

Hi All,

This is my first blog and blog post for that matter.  This blog will be dedicated to embedded system and maybe some other fun software things.  For now I’m putting the finishing touches on my first real post which will be an introduction on how to get a Zybo Zynq board from Digilent up and running from scratch with first Linux and then with Xenomai Linux.  I should have part one ready in two weeks.